“You must first find harmony between you and You, and then, and only then is any other harmony possible.  And when you consistently achieve harmony between you and You (which is what we refer to as the state of allowing), then it is possible to find harmony with others even though you have disagreements.  In fact, that is the perfect environment for expansion and joy: diversity of beliefs and desires – but alignment with Source.”  Abraham from the book The Vortex

Self Symmetry is about connecting to yourself and finding harmony, peace, and happiness. It is the extension of it’s creator, Katrina Rogers, and is a beautiful balance between Yoga instruction and hand-made jewelry created with specific elements to inspire health and well-being in it’s wearer.  SelfSymmetry.com is based in Dallas, Texas.


Yoga begins by working on the physical body.  As we release tension, stress, and emotions that reside in the body, we create space and freedom.  This space that is then created opens, leading us to our center, our true authentic selves. Our peace lies at our center.  So finding our center in the midst of our daily lives helps us to handle the conflicts that can arise.  It’s always there for us, we just have to find it.  When we do, our internal world comes up to meet our external world and we live in harmony.   The conflicts go away.  Yoga is a practice that begins with the physical body and leads us to the spiritual body.


Gemstones transmit and receive energies. They magnetically attract certain things or can repel unwanted energy. They resonate at different frequencies and can store, or retrieve information. It is believed that gemstones (or crystals) work through a person’s aura (soul vibrations or energy field). If there is a misaligned connection between the physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual body and the aura then there is an imbalance.  Gemstones help to remove blockages, allowing powerful, positive energy to flow freely and to bring the person back into alignment.

Gemstones heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  This helps to bring balance and well-being to the wearer!

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