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I choose to let go of things I have no control over.

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Do you worry about things all the time?  Do you fret over everything?  Do you think of the worse possible scenarios?  If so, do you realize that worrying is just your imagination creating something that you don’t want?

worry21I catch myself worrying about the craziest, most ridiculous stuff!  Actually, it’s not really worrying that I do so much, but I’ll just have crazy ideas pop in my head.  For instance, almost every time I drive over a train track I think, for just a brief moment, what if a train comes barreling down and slams into me.  Or if I’m driving behind a truck that has a ladder or something sticking off the back I might think what if that ladder slides off the truck and goes right into my windshield and nails me in the face.  Basically, I just think of freak accidents happening to me &/or my family.  It’s so weird.  I hate it.

Like I said, worrying is just the imagination creating scenarios that you don’t want!  So, when I have these wild thoughts I immediately catch myself doing it and I snap out of it.  “Only good things come to me” is one of my mantras!

Being a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, I understand that thinking about things I don’t want only brings those unwanted things to me.  So I stop in my tracks (not on the train tracks – haha) and I think about what I want.  I only want good things to come to me.  And honestly…only good things do come to me.

If you worry a lot all you’re doing is imagining things happening that you don’t want to happen.  With all that energy focused on those unwanted things, you’re likely to manifest what you don’t want.  Then you get this scenario that you don’t want and it causes more worry.  More worry, creates more worry.  It’s a vicious circle!

The good news is that this works in the opposite way as well.  The less you worry, the less stuff you have to worry about.

The worrying has to stop.  Seriously.  If you think about it, most of the things you worry about don’t ever happen anyway so what’s the point?  It’s wasted energy.  It’s puts you in a funk, and it causes stress.  And I won’t even get on the topic of what stress does to you!!  Worry cannot change your circumstance, it only enhances it.

So here’s the deal.  Next time you start to worry, notice what you’re doing, and immediately stop.  Give yourself a mantra or affirmation.  They’re extremely powerful.

letting-go2Only good things come to me.

I choose to let go and allow goodness.

I am safe.

I choose to let go of things I have no control over.

I trust that everything will work out.

At first you may be saying these things as you’re rolling your eyes, but eventually you start to believe it.  When you start to believe it, you start to have faith that everything will work out.  That faith is what allows you to stop worrying.

**Side note: I sell charms that help you to remember your affirmation.  They work beautifully.  Click here.**

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This just in — Your economic condition is about to change!

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009
Image by uglyagnes via Flickr

If you watch the news, read the papers, or listen to any news media you’re sure to hear how bad the economy is right now.  This is why I don’t do these things!  It seems as if everywhere you turn there’s talk of bad things – worry of loosing jobs, homes, and cars.  I don’t want to hear it, and I choose not to!  And because of this…my personal economy is great!

Yours can be too, if you will put the work in.  Here’s what I mean:

Say there’s rumors flying around your company that layoffs are on the way.  Everyone is in a panic.  The water cooler talk is so dismal that you can’t even get things done because your mind is so full of fear.  What do you do?  First, you have to stop all the craziness flying around in your head.  You must go back to work and realize that you are an asset and you can create whatever it is you desire.  You must BELIEVE this.

When you live with fear, worry, and doubt you close yourself off to anything good.  This is so limiting and it brings about stress and anxiety, which then produces more fear, worry and doubt.  You have to realize that there is absolutely NO lack or limitation, only complete abundance.  There’s more than enough money, food, and prosperity to go around.  It’s our mind that limits us and tells us we have a finite amount of resources.  And, on the same token, it’s our mind that can expand and grow and create; giving us all that we desire.  When you begin to relax, the mind opens.  An open mind can and will receive.  There is an infinite supply of resources.  You just have to understand it and believe it so that eventually you see it!

When your mind focuses on the positive and you ignore the rumors and let everyone else fret over “the situation”, then things will all work out for the best.  If you go about your business and work as if the economy is booming  and you expect your work situation to improve, then it will.  Your employer will either see how valuable you are and keep you, or maybe you are let go, but another door will be open for you immediately.

Okay, so I hear you saying “Yeah, but this is reality.  Our economy is in a depression right now, companies are closing down and the market is crashing.”  (I really have no idea what’s happening out there since I don’t watch or read any bad news!  See “Katland” blog).  So, here’s what I have to say to you – you determine your own reality.  We all perceive things differently, and whatever we think about something is our reality.  It’s like you’re a magnet and you attract to you whatever you’re thinking.  If you’re thinking how bad things are and how you’re about to get fired, then guess what?  However, if your thoughts are constructive and good, then you’ll attract to you those good things.  It’s the Law of Attraction, and it’s a universal law, which means it’s happening whether you know it or not.

Here’s the work you’ll have to do.  You have to become aware of all the negative things you’re consuming.  You have to become aware of what negative things you’re telling yourself.  You have to immediately, the moment you’re aware of that negativity, change your thought to a positive one.  Then, you have to believe in your positivity and expect it.  This takes work.  It takes dedication, and it takes an open mind.  It takes a willingness, an allowing, and a surrendering.

I promise – it’s so worth it!

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It’s always sunny & 70 in Katland!!

Monday, March 2nd, 2009


Think about this scenario for a moment…every month your bills are due, and every month you’re worried about not having enough money to pay them.  In your mind there’s constant worry.  Every time you buy something (lunch, gas, or a cup of coffee) there’s anxiety as you hand over the money.  You’re in a constant state of feeling lack.  This feels horrible, right?

Now, think about this…every month your bills are due and every time you write a check, pay online, or use your debit card you feel gratitude for having the money to spend.  You reflect back on what you’re paying for and have great appreciation for whatever it is (how great is it to have electricity, food, & water?).  You know there’s always a flow of money coming in and money going out.  You have a feeling of abundance and you know deep within that you’ll always have whatever it is you need at that moment.  This feels good, right?

You can always choose to feel good.  It takes no more energy to feel the second scenario as it does to feel the first one.  In fact, I would think the first scenario would take a lot more energy, and it’s such a draining energy at that.  The second scenario may take more discipline, but I would way rather be disciplined than have that negative, stressful, draining energy.

I think back to my younger years right after high school (sounds funny for me to say that as I still think of myself as young!).  I had a roommate who would always worry about how we were going to pay rent.  She had a hard time sleeping, and I know now it was because she worried so much!  Sometimes she would ask me if I’m worried about it and my answer to her was always no.  This would freak her out!  How could I not be worried??  One day I turned to her and asked her if we’ve ever gone without paying our rent.  Her answer was “no”.  I told her this is why I’m not worried.  We’ve never gone without paying our rent.  We always ended up getting the money (we both waited tables at the time).  I remember telling her that I had never gone without, so I just wasn’t worried.  I knew I would get the money somehow.  I didn’t always know how I was going to have enough, but I always did and that’s all that mattered.

YOU HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE YOUR LIFE HOWEVER YOU WANT IT!  When we begin to understand that it’s all in our mind, we then realize we can live our life however we want.  We can live in stress, worry & anxiety or we can live in freedom from those things.


My husband always tells me “it’s sunny and 70 in Katland”!  He jokes with me about it, but I seriously take it as a great compliment (thanks, Honey!).  It’s your choice.  Do you want to live where it’s sunny & 70, or dreary & 48?  Do you want to live in constant fear of lack or in continual abundance?

There’s really nothing to worry about!  If you can keep your eye on what you want, if you can keep your mind in the light rather than the darkness, and truly believe that all is good then I promise you you’ll always have what you need (if not more)!

It’s all just a perspective!  You choose how you want to perceive something.  I’m choosing sunny & 70!!

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